Dottywood’s Olivia Latte CGC “Olivia”, Cyndy, CH Firebuster’s Comic Relief “Kramer”

I grew up with Beagles and graduated to Dalmatians when I was old enough to choose my own breed. For more than 20 years, my Dalmatians have participated in dog sports and served as canine goodwill ambassadors at children’s parties and public events.

I trained my female Dalmatian, Olivia in obedience and when training was completed, Olivia earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate. Kramer, my male Dalmatian, was a dog show champion and as his handler, he won several AKC Best of Breed awards. I’ve trained Kramer for personal appearances, film and photo shoots.

CH Kramer winning Best of Breed at Beverly Hills Kennel Club

A passionate dog lover all my life, I’m also an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer and certified by the Council for Certification of Professional Dog Trainers by earning their CPDT-KA designation. I thoroughly enjoy every minute I spend training others and look at each session as a learning experience.

My goal is to help people with their problem dogs, and to solve canine behavior problems that threaten to send otherwise good dogs to shelters. I want help open the channels of communication between owners and dogs and to use the knowledge and experience I have to help keep dogs and owners remain together, happily ever after.


Graduate – Animal Behavior College

Certified – Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers – Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)

Evaluator – American Kennel Club, Canine Good Citizen Program

Mentor Trainer – Animal Behavior College, PETCO Dog Trainer Instructor Program
Lecturer – How to Be A Better Pet Parent series at Burbank (CA) Library
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Animal Behavior College Alumni Association

Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Professional Member

Council for Certification of Professional Dog Trainers


Pet Professionals Guild

Dalmatian Club of America
Southern California Dog Trainer’s Forum
Burbank Chamber of Commerce


“I have used Cyndy Wood of “Sit…Stay…Good Dawg!” 2 times over the last 3 years with two adopted pups: a 3 year old rescue and most recently for a 5 month old puppy. Cyndy initially helped us with our Akita-mix giant. He has a very sweet personality, is very smart, and came trained with the more than the basic commands, but at the same time he has a mind of his own and we needed to learn how to handle an adult dog of his size. Through a series of private sessions, both human and canine learned so much and continue to benefit from her teachings.

Most recently, we adopted a 5 month old labradoodle who came to us with no training at all. We were not only dealing with basic training, house breaking, but also separation anxiety. We combined private sessions with Cyndy’s puppy class on Saturday mornings. I can honestly say the most stressful period is way behind us and home-life these days is much more harmonious.”

“I have used Cyndy Wood of “Sit…Stay…Good Dawg!” Getting a new pet at the age of 61 seemed far too scary and daunting to handle. Add to the mix that our little Yorkie was the only pup in the litter which can present special issues in and of itself. I was one frightened new animal owner. Cyndy came into our lives and helped me more than I can ever say. Using positive re-enforcement, she showed my partner and me how to train what can be a tough breed. With something as simple as establishing a specific place for him to go on command, Cyndy created a spot for our dog to use as a home to receive treats or time-outs. Now we have a loving, well-mannered and obedient little guy and the love of our lives.” – Rusty F.
“Cyndy Wood worked with our Yorkie, Bogie, and we found her to be an exceptional trainer. First and foremost, Cyndy listens to the client and works with them based on their needs and unique circumstances. My partner and I were most impressed with her ability to assess Bogie’s abilities and weaknesses, and how she used this as the basis for working with Bogie. The sessions were always fun, and at the end of each and every session, Bogie had success that we could build upon as we continued the training process on our own. Cyndy taught the basics (sit, stay, come, leave it, etc.), she taught some tricks (Bogie bows to the name “Lauren Bacall), and most importantly, Cyndy taught Bogie “find your place” (this command gives Bogie structure and is, in my opinion, the most useful tool in owning a dog). And Bogie LOVES Cyndy, which is the best recommendation of all. – Stephen E.”

“Cyndy’s insight and approval-based expertise have led to positive happenings for our Rescue dogs. We’re truly grateful for her involvement and caring. – Diane Monahan, Founder/Executive Director, Friends For Pets Foundation & Southern CA Weim Rescue”